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hourglass_days's Journal

A Days of Our Lives Role Playing Game
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A place where fans of Days of Our Lives can roleplay their favorite characters

The taken list can be found HERE

You may play more than one character. But the maximum is three. Please make sure you're able to handle all three characters before taking them on. There is no requirement to play every single day because we know that life is hectic, but please don't bite off more than you can chew! The requirement is that you update your characters journal at LEAST twice a month. Not a lot to ask, right? You are not allowed to switch characters until after a few months. If after the few months have passed and you still want to switch a character, you should have a pretty good reason why you want to switch. Once you let us know your reasoning, we will consider it and get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are intending on having an 'Add-On' with another member/character and you both wish to have it over PG-13, please rate it appropriately in the subject line and also make sure you make the entry friends only. Rating it is so other members who may be uncomfortable with such situations can know to stay clear of your add-on.

You will post in hourglass_days with your personal account, letting us know which character you'd like to play. You may be asked simple questions about your personal ideas for the character requested. This may require a basic knowledge of said character's background, of course, so be prepared in advance by knowing important facts about the character you've requested. Once you get an OK from either a maintainer or one of the moderators, you may then begin setting up your character's journal and playing. After acceptance, you may also join the out of character community, hourglass_ooc Please do NOT join hourglass_ooc until you are accepted by the maintainer.

If you don't have the time to keep your character's journal updated, please let us know so we can find a replacement. If you are going to be out of town or inactive for a period of time, please post in the out of character community and let us know. You should update ONLY to your character's livejournal.

Feel free to create relationships with other characters. You should not follow the show's actual story line as seen on TV. Be creative! Just because it happened on the real TV show, doesn't mean it's happening here. Do not join and automatically think that your character is in a safe house, has cancer, or having supernatural visions, etc. Some characters who are related on the show may not even be related at all in the RPG, so please double check. We are creating our own story lines, which do involve some unused characters, and as a new member you need to find out what we've created so far for your chosen character. Just ask the mod for a brief synopsis on what's going on. You can do this by e mailing/IMing one of the mods: Heyladieee@aol.com/Heyladieee (AIM), or XOXO loveshine (AIM)

The community hourglass_ooc is to be used for ONLY out of character discussions. Such as Storyline ideas, or if you won't be able to play for an extended period of time [such as a vacation,school, etc etc] Posts made in both hourglass_days and hourglass_ooc are to be made "friends only".

Drama between characters is acceptable; however drama between players is not acceptable. Fighting with another player will get you kicked out of the community. If you have a problem with another player, let the moderators know. Having said such, it is important to know that problems with other player's characters may arise. The maintainer is not a babysitter; if you have an issue with another player or character's story line, bring it up nicely and discuss the problem openly and in an adult manner. If you're unable to do so for whatever reason, then please feel free to come & talk to one of the moderators. In this case, there will be a warning to both players. If the issue persists, then one or both players will be suspended until the issue can be solved in an adult manner. And if the problem still persists and/or arises again, one or both players will be removed and banned from the community.

Once you have picked your character, and been OKed by a maintainer or one of the moderators, post an update in the community and give us a brief introduction/description of your character's background. Also provide us with a link to your character's journal. Again, do not automatically assume that what's going on in the real show is what has been created so far for your character. You need to find out what the older members have been doing with your character. Also it is expected that you know the basics about the character you choose. To find out the history of your character.

You must include the disclaimer and copyright clause (copy and paste from below) in your character's user info.

LJ has an FAQ page where you can find information on how to create a new journal for your character, etc etc. However, do not hesitate to ask for help!

Most importantly, have fun! And just so we know that you really read the rules, please make the subject of your initial character-requesting post say "Like sands through the hourglass..." Failure to put said phrase in the subject of your post will show us that you did NOT read the rules.Failure to follow the rules will result in the delaying of your RPG time! So make sure you read these! Address all questions and issues to the following people:
poeticallyy0urs, laurondo , and myloveshine

This is not __(insert character's/actor's name)__'s livejournal. This journal is part of a Days Of Our Lives role playing game. This journal is fake. This journal is in no way, shape, or form meant to harm the actor or actress who plays this character on Days Of Our Lives. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. See the community hourglass_days for more information about the Days Of Our Lives role playing game.

*Copyright Clause*
This hourglass_days character's story lines, icons, and journal layout are not to be copied or used by any other website, including Livejournal communities. Violation of this clause will result in an abuse report being filed through Livejournal and possible suspension of the violator's community and/or personal Livejournal account.</center>