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Nathan/Josh @ Salem University Hospital [Mon, May 23, 2011 -- 10:20 pm]

Nathan finishes his small talk conversation with one of his patients, and then he's out the door and onto the next task. He's pretty sure the radiology department is done with all of the rest results he ordered, so he makes his way there as he cheerily hums to himself.
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billie/chelsea @ Java [Wed, Mar 30, 2011 -- 5:33 pm]

After questioning Allen Winkler, Billie goes for some coffee at Java. She had tried to let Eric and the girls know she'd be home soon but she wasn't getting any service for some reason.

She races inside and walks up to the counter.

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Billie/Bo/whoever @ salem place. woods, and salem precinct [Tue, Mar 29, 2011 -- 8:01 pm]

Billie is sitting in a quiet house, indulging in a cranberry walnut chicken salad. She's got iced tea, and the music playing in the background as she pays bills. Eric had taken all the kids out that night.

She sighed as she wrote a check out for the electric company and went to hte next bill.

"Electricity...paid. Car Insurance...paid. Mortgage....paid.... Three hundred dollar credit card bill..." she sighs. She shakes her head and is about to go over the credit bill again, when her phone rings.

"Reed..." she says. She pauses listening and then immediately jumps into action. "I'm on my way." she says. She throws on a t shirt and jeans, puts shoes and socks on, and then grabs a sweater, jacket, and her gun.

7 minutes later, she pulls up to the exact place she was dispatched to and walks up to Bo.

"Bo, what's going on?" she asks.'

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Josh/Morgan @ Nathan and Josh's place [Thu, Mar 24, 2011 -- 11:54 pm]

Morgan rushes to Josh's apartment. She'd just killed Dean and now Josh had text messages from her that could be incriminating. She had to get rid of them somehow...  she also just needed to see a friend. So she got Casey in his car seat, and then got herself in the car and drove to see Josh, trembling the whole way.

Once there, she knocked loudly on his door. Casey was finally calming down a little and getting sleepy again.

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Morgan/Dean The End Of The Road [Wed, Mar 23, 2011 -- 5:33 pm]

MorganMorgan and Casey strolled through the Park. The night would be falling soon and she needed to get him home. They'd had a lovely day.  Casey made a sound, causing Morgan to stop at a bench. 

His blanket had moved to one side, so she recovered him. "There we go, Pumpkin." she said.

She moved back around to continue their walk and that was when she saw Dean. He was lurking in the shadows, talking on his phone, and very clearly did not see Morgan. Her first  reaction was to call the police right away, but first she wanted to hear what he was up to.

She silently prayed that Casey would be quiet, and followed Dean.

He stopped where he was, so she hid behind something, and listened.

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Nathan/Josh @ Salem University Hospital [Fri, Mar 18, 2011 -- 9:30 pm]

Nathan takes a deep breath, just after telling Josh the news about his virus. He squeezes Josh's hand reassuringly while hoping that he doesn't freak out because really, a virus isn't the end of the world.
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Date Night [Sat, Mar 12, 2011 -- 1:59 pm]

Lucas picked up his phone and called Will to check in on him and Gavin once more. Him and Morgan had agreed to meet at the pizza pallor in town before heading off to the movie they had planned on seeing. He made sure to double check everything with Will. He was nervous about leaving his two sons alone but he knew that Will could hable it. If he couldn't he never would have allowed Will to babysit tonight, but sometimes he just worried. His kids were all he had left.

He placed his phone in his pocket and out of the car, heading to the front waiting area to wait fgor Morgan since she wasn't there just yet.
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Chad/Abby at the park [Fri, Mar 11, 2011 -- 9:07 pm]

It was getting to be late evening on Friday night. Abby had received a text message from Chad earlier in the evening asking her to meet him at the park at "their tree". As she walked through the grass, she hopped around, avoiding mud puddles and slush. But finally she made it to their tree. They had claimed it as their tree because they had put their initials in it one night. Abby loved their tree, and said it was the prettiest tree in the park.

Leaning against the tree, she texted Chad to let him know that she was there, and wanted to know where he was.
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Nathan/Josh @ their apartment/Java Cafe [Fri, Mar 11, 2011 -- 4:17 pm]

Nathan's quickly filling out his paperwork, hand scribbling down words and numbers. It's mostly mindless work, but it's what has to get done. He's interrupted when his cell phone chirps from next to him, and he grabs it. When he sees Josh's name on the display, he gets the goofiest grin on his face. He answers the phone one-handedly with "Hi, boyfriend."
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billie/eric/sarah @eric and billie's house [Tue, Mar 08, 2011 -- 10:32 pm]

Trying to take her mind off of everything, Billie is doing some early spring cleaning. She's already cleaned all the bedrooms, and washed all the bedding. She's now working on scrubbing out the fireplace.

She wipes some sweat from her face, leaving some dark ask across her cheek.

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sarah/dean one last round [Tue, Mar 08, 2011 -- 10:06 pm]

Dean sat across from Sarah, smoking a cigar. The baby was crying again and he turned the volume up to drown it out. He'd gotten sick of Sarah's muted sounds so he uncovered her mouth. She'd been relatively quiet, so Dean wondered what she had up her sleeve, but he wa s just happy with the silence...or he had been...until Colin began wailing.

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dean/sarah/billie [Thu, Feb 17, 2011 -- 8:16 pm]

Dean runs a hand through his hair, angry that Sarah still isn't agreeing.

"Are you going to do what I tell you, dammit? Or am I going to have to kill you?" He holds her face in his hand, pressing his thumb and forefinger hard into her cheeks. "I'm gettin real sick of the screamin kid sarah. now, we had a lot of fun...and I'd like to continue that fun, I really would...when the need arises for us both..." he laughs as he uses his other hand to rub at her breast. "I'll take the duct tape off if you promise not to spit on me again."

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Valentines Party @ Chez Rouge [everyone!] [Sat, Feb 12, 2011 -- 2:22 am]

Max rubbed his hands together and laughed. Not only did he have a sweet surprise for his beautiful girlfriend, but he was also throwing a party for Valentines Day for all his favorite Salem friends. He looked around, impressed with the handiwork that he and Maggie Horton had been able to accomplished. Chez Rouge was decked out in a beautiful array of red, pink, and white everything.

He turned the music up a little and looked as the door opened and guests started walking in...

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Morgan/Lucas a chance meeting... [Tue, Feb 08, 2011 -- 12:03 pm]

After sitting down with her parents and figuring out a working and school schedule, Morgan enrolled Casey in a day care program. She was a little nervous about leaving her tiny son with strangers, but it was only during school hours. While she worked, her parents would watch Casey.

It was day two of the day care program and Morgan stopped in right after school to pick her son up. She was excited to see him.

"Good afternoon, Miss Hollingsworth." the receptionist said.

"Hi!" Morgan wiggled her fingers and flashed a smile. The receptionist beamed, and handed her a stack of papers.

"I hate to do this to you, but we need you to fill this stuff out while you're here. It's standard stuff. You also need to make sure Casey has had all of his shots before he continues. He's okay this week, but next week we'll have to have his records."  she explained.

"Oh sure, no problem." Morgan nodded. She turned to sit down and start filling everything out and immediately bumped into someone, resulting in her dropping the papers. They went flying.

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Morgan/Josh @ salem place? [Fri, Feb 04, 2011 -- 12:26 am]

Before taking Casey home, Morgan stops to pick the family up some dinner. She also buys some extra things she think he may need and is paying for them when she sees josh.

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